New for January 1999

Time Out - UK (1/27/99)

Good Taste - Australia (1/99)

Hollywood Online - Interview (audio)
--requires Windows Media or Real Audio

"Second-Hand Fiennes" - People Online (1/26/99)

"He's So Fiennes" - Globe & Mail (1/23/99)

NW - Australia (1/11/99)

E Online - "Sizzlin' 16 of '99" (1/99)

The wait is finally over for Joseph Fiennes.....
(and aren't we glad!!! L.)

Sunday Telegraph (1/17/99)

"Joy of Joe Fiennes" by Sheila Johnson

"With good reason: in the cause of investigative journalism, I subscribed to "The Joy of Joe" mailing list, and ever since the e-mails have come flooding in, peaking last week in a record 65 missives in a single day. Every article, every television appearance is recorded. You can even buy shares in him on a fantasy stock exchange." Go to The Hollywood Stock Exchange

The Times Magazine UK (Jan. 9, 1999)

Globe & Mail (1/15/99)

"Britain's Current IT Boy Not Just Your Average Joe"

InStyle (Dec. 1998)

People US - "Chatter" section (Jan. 18, 1999)

Company UK (Feb. 1999)

Empire UK (Feb. 1999)

Vanity Fair US (Jan. 1999)

LA Times/NY Daily News (12/9/98)

Are we "rabid fans"??? One reporter seems to think so.....
"Meet Joe Fiennes", by Jan Stuart

"THE PHOTOGRAPHER is not scheduled to arrive for another four hours, so we have no way of recording the look on Joseph Fiennes' face as he contemplates his Internet Web site for the first time....."