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Who is he?
Joseph Alberic Fiennes is a British actor of stage and film,
especially known in "Elizabeth" and "Shakespeare in Love."
He is younger brother of Ralph (actor), Martha (director),
Magnus (music composer), Sophie (producer), Jacob Fiennes
(gameskeeper & his fraternal twin), & Mike Emery 
(archeologist & foster brother), besides being the cousin 
of Ranulph Fiennes (explorer).  Biography info 

What's with the website?
This is the first website dedicated to Joseph Fiennes,
serving the world since October 1997.  We first discovered 
Joe because we were (and still are) great admirers of older 
brother Ralph and were curious to know more about the 
other actor in the Fiennes brood. Little did we know, after
watching "Vacillations of Poppy Carew," that his career would
catapult in a matter of only a few years. We don't know Joe 
personally, so please send your fan mail to his agent down
Join us at Yahoogroups mailing list Joe Discussion Forum

Write to Joe: Joseph Fiennes C/O Ken McReddie Ltd 91 Regent St London W1R 7TB England
A Few Updates:

Nov 30, 2000: New website
March 8, 2001: Enemy at the Gates photos
March 25, 2001: Dangerous Man screen captures
March 29, 2001: Artist Alan Halliday's Artwork of Joe
April 27, 2001: new look for  National Gallery of Joe


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Thank you for visiting us. Many thanks to Beccy, Paula, Gina, Cindy C., Cindy R., Deanna, Nic, Sandy, Tara, and other members of the Fiennes-Fans and Joe mailing list (you know who you are) who assisted us by supplying photos, information, and/or moral support to make this whole project happen.

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Last updated: April 27, 2001

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