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Welcome to the JOEFIENNES-NEWS mailing list. This list is devoted to the actor Joseph Fiennes and related subjects. It was established in March 1999. It's primary function is to provide news and information for Joe's admirers, based on articles and reports from various types of media (TV, print, web).You must be 17 or over to subscribe.

There is a separate CHAT list called, "".
You will find news postings on both lists, but chat is to
take place on the Joe Chat list only.

NOTE: We are NOT affiliated with Joseph Fiennes
personally, or his representatives. If you wish to
send a letter to him, please do so through his UK

Joseph Fiennes
c/o Ken McReddie Ltd
91 Regent St, London

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This list is for information on and discussion of Joseph Fiennes.
If there is something you would like to see discussed please feel
free to start the ball rolling by contributing. We try to keep posts
on-topic as much as possible, but that does not exclude Joseph-related
subjects, such as family members. The one exception to this is Joseph's
brother Ralph. As mentioned above, there is a mailing list devoted to
him and we like to defer any news or conversation about Ralph to the
Ralph Fiennes lists.

Try to be respectful of each other and our subject matter at all
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This list is also not a forum for nasty comments, wild speculation,
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report or discuss controversial Joseph-related issues that may appear
in the press or are common knowledge, or that we have to agree with
each other all the time, but HOW we treat each other and our subject
matter is most important.

For more information, please read the List Guidelines below.


Because this list has growth potential, and mail goes directly to
members mailboxes, we feel it is necessary to have some rules and
guidelines that everyone is asked to adhere to. They were developed
(and continue to evolve) based on the collective experiences of list
owners and members, with the intention of keeping the list true
to its original goals of providing a friendly place for fans to
come together and share information and conversation.

1) Treat each other, and your subject matter (Joseph Fiennes,
as well as his family, colleagues, and relationships) with respect.
There is a "no flaming" policy on this list and we do not accept
personal attacks on anyone for any reason. Posts that are intentionally
inflammatory, embarrassing, hurtful, or are in poor taste will not
be tolerated. It is fine to disagree with someone on this list. It is
fine to not like something about Joseph Fiennes and to say so. It is
HOW you say it that matters. Please be thoughtful and considerate
at all times, and try not to stray too far off into subjects that are
not conducive to being discussed on a fan list. For example, discussions
of Shakespeare In Love and Joseph's role in it have been known to branch
off into lengthy, often heated, discussions about who wrote Shakespeare's
plays, why Joseph didn't get nominated for an Oscar.....and have resulted
in hurt feelings and harsh words being exchanged in the past. If you
want to discuss anything about Joseph's movies or his roles, that's fine,
but please keep in mind that certain issues deserve to be discussed
in-depth and a fan list isn't always the place for it. We urge everyone
to use some discretion when delving into this or any other very sensitive
issues on list, especially if they are not directly Joseph-related.
There are many other outlets for this kind of discussion and we encourage
anyone who is so inclined to make themselves heard in those venues.

2) Derogatory remarks, insinuations or "jokes" that insult, demean or
stereotype an individual or group will not be tolerated on this list.
This includes (but is not limited to) comments about religion, race,
age and sexual orientation. Anyone who ignores this policy will be
immediately removed from the list.

3) If you see a post come through that you feel is insulting or intended
to provoke, please do NOT respond to it by insulting the author or
prolonging the topic on the list. In addition to repeating the offensive
posts over and over, your comments may not even be seen by the intended
recipient if they have already been removed from the list. If you find
a post particularly offensive, you can write the person privately and/or
forward it to LYNN or one of the co-hosts listed at the end of this letter.
Chances are we have seen it and have dealt with it already, but your
comments and input are most welcome. Also, if you feel a list member
is "flaming" you off list (ie. an explicitly personal attack), feel free
to bring that to our attention as well. It doesn't seem to happen often,
but on the rare occasion it does it is worth documenting.

4) Please remember that we cannot see your face or hear your tone of voice
when you post. What might sound funny and sarcastic may not be seen that
way when plain text comes across someone's computer screen.

5) There is to be no selling of video tapes or other items on the list by
list members. This list is not a place to conduct regular commerce. Trading
is allowed and encouraged for items that are not available for sale in a
person's country. If you are looking for a copy of a film or an interview,
etc. that is not commercially available where you live, feel free to send
a post to the list asking if anyone can help you obtain it. We respect the
copyright laws and the rights of the people involved in making films. Therefore, if you are in the USA or Canada, please do not ask someone on list to dub a copy of, say, "Stealing Beauty" or offer it in return for a trade, since you can readily buy it in any video store. If you cannot work out a trade, it is customary to compensate the person for their expenses, such as postage and packaging, blank tapes, etc.

If someone is selling their collection, or can pick up extra magazines,
souvenirs, etc. at the regular price as a favor, we appreciate your generosity and welcome that information on the list.

Many of our members are willing to help out other fans in their quests for
all things Joseph-related! However, responses to such requests, and any
subsequent correspondence should take place in private e-mail so that
other people don't have to read about whatever arrangements you make.

Also keep in mind that while most of our members are honest and will follow
through with their end of the agreement, the list and those who run it can
not be responsible if someone "disappears." However, please let us know if
a trade has gone bad so it can be documented and we can warn others about
dealing with the person if need be.

6) If you disagree with any of the above guidelines, we respect that but
we must ask that you abide by them anyway as long as you are on the list.
We believe in freedom of speech, but this IS a privately operated list and
posts to it do go directly to members mailboxes. As such we feel it is not
unreasonable to ask everyone to adhere to the list guidelines as set by the
persons responsible for maintaining it. Please know that *no one* will ever
be unsubbed for an honest mistake(s), or without being notified.

And last but certainly not least...

7) Have fun! We really hope the list will provide you and everyone on
it with an enjoyable, informative place to discuss and learn more about
Joseph Fiennes. If have any questions or suggestions about these guidelines,
please refer them to LYNN ( or one of the co-hosts
listed below. We value your input.

To save time/space, things are often abbreviated on the list.
Here is an short list of some abbreviations you may see.

JF - Joseph Fiennes
RF - Ralph Fiennes (brother)
FA - Francesca Annis (Ralph's companion)
SG - Sara Griffiths (ex-girlfriend)
CM - Catherine McCormack (ex-girlfriend)
FF - Fiennes-Fans
RA - Rancid Aluminum (1999)
FM - Forever Mine (1999)
ETM or E - Elizabeth, The Movie (1998)
SiL - Shakespeare In Love (1998)
MMFDL - Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel & Laurence (1998)
TVTOY - The Very Thought Of You
SB - Stealing Beauty (1996)
VOPC - Vacillations of Poppy Carew (1995-TV)
R&J - Romeo & Juliet
RADA - Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts
RSC - Royal Shakespeare Company
ADM - A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia (1990-TV)
EATG - Enemy at the Gates


and finally...


If you have any questions, please feel free to write LYNN anytime at, or you can contact one of the co-hosts listed
below. If your questions are Joseph-related, you might want to check
out the many Joseph web sites out there. We recommend "The Joy of
Joseph Fiennes", at
as as good place to start.

Again, welcome! We're happy to have you here!

Lynn - (list moderator)

Evelyn - (list co-moderator)

Paula - (list co-moderator)


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