When Cindy Met Joe...



Cindy from Belgium narrates her story when she met Joe

during his play, "Real Classy Affair" (October 1998)

 Anyhow, what can I say... (and how can I write it down in proper English)... Ok, here I go.... he's sooooo gorgeous, he's much better looking in real life (unfortunately my pictures don't show his good looks that good). If there's one body part that really impressed me (now don't get silly ideas!), it must have been his eyes... When he came out of the door, I just stood there thinking "it's him, no it's not... it's him.... no... yes...,", but when he looked my way, and I saw these gorgeous eyes, I simply knew. So I thought "it's now or never.."
and I walked up to him. When I mentioned his name, he was really nice, asked me if I was there to see his play. We talked about the play and I asked him to sign my posters. Then, he had to help me with them (as I explained before). Of course, I owed it to a very good friend of mine (who has helped me so many times with stuff... THANKS!!) to tell him about her website. The face he made at that moment, I'll never forget... I wish you could have seen it. He was sooo surprised! I gave him the address, he accepted, but he kindly told me that he had no acces to the internet, nor had he ever used it. (but I mailed him copy's of the website, so he has seen it, only not on line).
Cindy posing with Joe (Oct 1998)
 When I asked him if I could take a photo of him for the website, he agreed immediately!!! It was kind of stupid, because he just stood there, not knowing how to behave, and me I didn't know how to react. I guess we both didn't feel comfortable. Then, I wanted to have my pic taken with him, so I asked him if he had another minute, he looked at me like "what the hell is she gonna do now...". I ran inside, got the doorman out of his little room and got him to sign a pic for me. I saw Joe again the day after, after I saw the play, we talked a bit more about the play,
I made fun of him that he forget his line at a certain moment
(sorry!), and we both had a good laugh with it. He thought it was
funny too!

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